Here’s to New York on Obscura Day! We wandered the streets of Gramercy, learning of Oscar Wilde’s old haunts. We drank where George Washington once kicked up his feet and had a pint in Lower Manhattan. We lurked in catacombs. We wandered forgotten beaches, stepping over dolls heads half-swallowed by the sand. We took photographs of New York’s amazing street art. We explored the shelves of books on magic. We walked in the footsteps of the occult. We looked for edible plants in Central Park. Here are some images and quotes to give you a sampling of what New York experienced that day:

Victorian Gentleman Enjoys a Manhattan – Delmonico’s Bar 

 Photo by Juan Monroy

 “Despite having lived in New York for over a decade, I had never been in these spots… ” Obscura Day at the 19th Century Pub Crawl

 Exploring Industrial Ruins– Long Island City

Photo by Juan Monroy

The walking tour of Newtown Creek… was led by a true expert of the area… It was an eye-opening perspective.”Obscura Day at Dutch Kills 

 Enjoying the stacks– Conjuring Arts Center

Photo by Matt Downs

“Checking out this magical library! - Obscura Day at Conjuring Arts Center

Exploring Ruins– Staten Island

Photo by We Heart New York

“For this year’s Obscura Day, we once again joined the folks at Underwater New York, this time heading to Staten Island, where we clambered amidst the remains of the St. John’s Guild Children’s Hospital and gazed in sad wonder at the decaying bungalows of the Cedar Grove Beach Club, whose residents were evicted in 2010.” –Obscura day at Forgotten Beaches

Learning about historic New York disasters and exploring the catacombs– Green-Wood Cemetery 

 Photo by Allison C. Meier


Learning what to eat and not to eat– Central Park 


 Photo by E. Mueller

 ”This plant is beautiful and deadly, like my ex-girlfriend” - Obscura Day at Urban Foraging 

Photograhing street art– Downtown New York

Photo by Passport Addict 

 “I had a great time during the tour, and I got that much more acquainted with my camera, downtown New York City, street art, and photography in general.  All in all, I definitely can’t wait for Obscura Day 2013!” -Obscura Day at New York Street Photography Workshop