What is believed to be one of the world’s largest collections of vintage boombox stereos is going up for sale to the highest bidder, according to Stuff.co.nz.

The collection belongs to New Zealander Craig Kenton, who has amassed over 400 of the chunky portable stereos. Kenton has been collecting boomboxes for the past 15 years, turning his love of the popular 1980s icon into a minor obsession. Of the hundreds of stereos stacked along the walls of Kenton’s home, around 300 of them are still in perfect working order, ready to blast a Run DMC cassingle at a moment’s notice.

The bidding for the collection, which was posted to online trading site Trademe.co.nz begins at 20,000 New Zealand dollars, or around $14,000. A child of the 1980s himself, Kenton considers his collection as a sort of work of art, and claims that while he could sell just the 20 finest boomboxes from his collection for $20,000, he’d rather the whole lot stayed together.

His hope, ultimately, is that they can find a home where they can be put on display.