An artist's idea of what the finished farm will look like.
An artist’s idea of what the finished farm will look like. UNDP/Fair Use

For many Americans, it’s a common worry that China will surpass us in the field of renewable energy. But maybe we should be more worried about their advancements in cuteness now that a Chinese energy company is building a solar farm shaped like a giant cartoon panda.

As Business Insider is reporting, Chinese clean energy giant China Merchants New Energy Group, along with the United Nations Development Program, recently finished the first portion of a 248-acre solar farm that will look like big panda when seen from the air. Once it is finished, the panda-plant is expected to produce 3.2 billion kilowatt-hours over 25 years, eliminating the need for around a million tons of coal.

The project is meant to help raise awareness of sustainable energy solutions among young people, especially ones who love pandas. It is hoped that this is only the first in a series of panda-shaped power farms that will continue to provide energy and hold young people’s attention for years to come.