At Atlas Obscura we spend our days searching out hidden wonders throughout the world. Sometimes we find amazing places right in front of us. For Project Re-Use, we teamed up with the Cadillac ATS to explore some incredible spaces that were rescued from disrepair and interview the people who gave these spaces new life.

For 80 years the Rockaways were home to Playland, a popular amusement park. Opened in 1902 and run until 1982, Playland, like Coney Island, offered a beach amusement vacation for New Yorkers looking to get away from it all. Overlooked as a vacation destination in the late 20th century, Playland Motel is among a handful of Rockaway locations bringing the area back into the spotlight. 

I talk with Robin Scott, co-owner of Playland, about remaking a 100-year-old oyster bar into the artistically themed Playland Tavern and Motel, about the revitalization of the Rockaways, and how vacationing in your own backyard can bring about a joy all its own.

See the rest of the Project Re:Use videos here including a mine sweeper turned floating tavern, and a group of young designers using forgotten techniques. 

-Dylan, Co-Founder of Atlas Obscura

“This post is in partnership with Cadillac