Some places on this Earth are intangible, existing more in our minds than in our eyesight. Whether it’s an invisible border between countries, a lake no one is allowed to see, a metaphorical post office whose messages disappeared into a tree, or buildings left abandoned to memories that are no more, sometimes what matters are the parts you don’t see.

From Kenya to Russia, host Dylan Thuras takes listeners to underappreciated places that, with time, have grown beyond what they first appeared to be. In these four episodes, we revisit some of our favorite podcasts where the stories are bigger than the views.

The 49th Parallel

The longest undefended national border on Earth was defined before the use of GPS, using compasses, math, and the stars. Hear about the town that helped establish the separation between the U.S. and Canada.

Lake Karachay

If you stood on the shore of this lake for just one hour, you would die. Hear more about the lake on a nuclear dumping site in Russia that inspired some macabre artists—even though they were never allowed to see Lake Karachay.

The Dedan Kimathi Post Office Tree

A tree in Kenya was used to deliver secret messages during the country’s fight for independence from Great Britain. Hear how one writer searched for the tree and the messages that still might be there.

Secret Places with Ashley Ray

A comedian and podcaster proclaims a love letter to the unloved places of her childhood hometown. Hear about the abandoned and secret places of an underappreciated midwestern city.