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As if they were pulled from the props room of A Clockwork Orange, this unparalleled collection of head-encasing, torture chamber-esque objects is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. 

For decades, Steve Erenberg (aka Radio Guy),  has made it his mission to amass as many one-of-a-kind anatomical models, scientific instruments, and other unique oddities as possible.  The extraordinary mechanical, electronic, musical and industrial items in his collection, have, irrespective of their primary use, a strong visual appeal.  

He has acquired many different objects from museums, hospitals, clinics and laboratories throughout the world. Industrial masks and helmets, anatomical models, countless bizarre, scientific contraptions, electrostatic devices–he has thousands of pieces with qualities that far transcend their original application.

Today, the lucky, rare visitor to his private collection can get up close to, and sometimes try on, shock therapy masks, an optomophontome, a radio wave helmet, a bizarre light therapy mask, terrifying dental mannequins, among other strange and amazing objects. 


RADIO GUY MUSEUM, Cortlandt Manor, NY