Bivoj might not be sleek, but she's powerful.
Bivoj might not be sleek, but she’s powerful. HiLASE/Press Release

While things are looking grim for the sciences here in America, a team of British and Czech scientists have recently claimed to have invented the world’s most powerful “super laser.” They have named it, “Bivoj.”

According to Science Alert, the “high peak power laser” was created from a joint effort by Britain’s Central Laser Facility, and a state-sponsored program from the Czech Republic known as, HiLASE (High average power pulsed laser). They say their new beam has already set a world record for highest average power output.

Pure laser.
Pure laser. HiLASE/Press Release

At only 1,000 watts, the flat power of the laser itself is nothing to scream about, but the new device can repeatedly pulse this beam for extended periods of time, unlike seemingly more intense “peak power” lasers which can only fire in short bursts. Combining power and sustainability, the new laser still needs to be confirmed by other scientists. The laser was named after a mythical Czech Hercules figure.  

Weighing in at 22 tons, the super laser probably won’t be the ray gun of the future, but the technology could have a big impact on scientific research, according to Science Alert, for things like particle acceleration.