From four miles of bustling, glittering Las Vegas Strip to an 11-acre micronation just outside of Dayton, Nevada, there’s no telling what you might find in the Silver State. Though some may only know the glitz and glamor of Vegas, there’s a more wondrous – and dare we say weirder – side to Nevada, worthy of exploring, that only a few know about.

We’re teaming up with Travel Nevada to find the people and places that make up the grand and varied landscape of Nevada with new episodes of The Atlas Obscura Podcast. Join us as we travel across the state to discover everything from Basque-inspired dining to a museum dedicated to collecting unusual collections.


A micronation in the middle of Nevada? It’s real—and you might need to bring your passport. This small-scale state has its own post office, bank, tiki bar and grill, customs check, radio station, navy (a fleet of inflatable canoes), phone system, and public art installations. Meet the president, His Excellency Kevin Baugh, and the citizens that live in Molossia—some human, some pets—and discover what makes Molossia worth a visit.

The Office of Collecting and Design

Imagine all the odds and ends you’ve collected throughout your life—maybe thrown in a drawer or hidden away somewhere special—on display in meticulous order. That’s what artist and filmmaker Jessica Oreck has set out to do, memorializing her “collection of collections” that spans more than 30 years, which is now on display in an 800-square foot museum in Las Vegas. Discover what she’s found over the years, from the ordinary collection of buttons to eclectic miniatures and the really unusual mementos (a dead fish in an ornate wooden box must be seen to be believed).

National Atomic Testing Museum

Explore the atomic age and the history of the Nevada Test Site at this enthralling museum. In the 1950s, the U.S. government began testing atomic bombs in the desert north of Las Vegas, and tourists would gather downtown to watch mushroom clouds from afar. Unpack the testing site’s legacy in the larger context of U.S. nuclear history in multimedia exhibits, including a simulation of an atomic test.

How I Learned to Love Las Vegas

A massive, awe-inspiring art installation sits under the country’s largest Louis Vuitton store; what else does the city of second chances hold? Host Dylan Thuras discovers much more to love about Las Vegas, from his aha! art moment to his visits to the Burlesque Museum, Pinball Hall of Fame, and other destinations.

The Martin

For more than a century, the Martin Hotel in Winnemucca, Nevada has hosted generations of Basque immigrants who came seeking a new life out West. Today, the boarding house-turned restaurant helps preserve the town’s Basque heritage with family-style dining and an authentic menu—with some Nevada twists.