Those blue ones are babies!
Those blue ones are babies! National Museum of Antiquities

We heard you like mummified crocodiles, so we put some mummified crocodiles inside your mummified crocodile! While Xzibit had nothing to do with it, according to the BBC, researchers at the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, Netherlands have discovered dozens of baby crocodiles mummified within a large crocodile mummy.

The museum has had its mummified crocodile on display since 1828, only being able to discern what was inside the wrappings with traditional x-rays and other earlier methods. However, the museum began to employ a scanning technology produced by Swedish company Interspectral, for an interactive exhibit that would allow visitors to perform a “virtual autopsy” on the mummy, and the new scans ended up revealing a surprising new level to the artifact.

As the scans revealed, in addition to the giant crocodile skeleton, there are over 40 tiny little croc babies, individually mummified, and contained in the wrapping of the larger animal. Hidden from the museum for over a hundred years, the babies came as an unexpected, but not unwelcome shock to staff.

Now visitors will be able to check out the little secret mummies for themselves when the exhibit using the Interspectral technology opens to the public.