A snapshot of Drift, a kinetic chandelier featured in Future Forward. (Photo: Vice Media)

Where is the balance between human and machine—and how can it be captured by art?

That’s the question driving the minds of the many artists and innovators behind The Creators Project, a group platform launched in 2009 to encourage and celebrate the arts, creativity, and technology. In partnership with the all-new Prius, their series entitled Future Forward, an array of artists will showcase interpretations of the main Prius themes, Design, Technology and Eco-Heritage.

There’s a kinetic chandelier installation, titled Drift by Doris Sung; a responsive living wall, titled Reach done by VT Pro Design; and an “infinite,” echoing space titled Hoshi, dreamt up by Nonotak duo, illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect/musician Takami Nakamoto.  In addition to the pieces done in partnership with the Creator’s Project, Toyota brought some original art—notably the Prius Piano, done by Unit 9, whose keys light up an actual car.

The works engage themes of perception, simulation, nature, and time. Much of the Future Forward series is interactive, encouraging people to experiment with sense and movement. Reach, for example, is made of both lasers and plant life, representing a combination of the organic and the artificial. The wall responds to visitors’ movement and touch—giving the distinct impression that it is alive.

The creative director behind Reach, Michael Fullman, likens it loosely to a sea anemone. His team at VT Pro Design built the entire structure itself, with customized motorization and in-house software. The main idea behind Reach is that technology and nature can lead a mutually beneficial existence, rather than live at odds with one another.

The series began at the Industria Superstudio in New York City, and will stop next at Revel Fulton Market in Chicago, RSVP to the event here: http://futureforward-chi-day-rsvp.vice.com

Learn more about the program on The Creators Project Future Forward page: thecreatorsproject.com/futureforward