Bacon on bacon sizzles on the stovetop.
Bacon on bacon sizzles on the stovetop. Via YouTube

Counting sheep isn’t always a sufficient sleep aid in this era of overstimulation. Perhaps you listen to the calming sounds of fans, lapping waves, or white noise to drift off at night. But anyone who needs a soundtrack to sleep—and also wants to dream about breakfast—will want to experience the work of TexasHighDef and his soothing “sleep sounds” video.

Sleep sounds are soundscapes that aid and abet relaxing, meditating, or dozing off. TexasHighDef’s video features just over 45 minutes of bacon sizzling on the stove—a process that manages to be tranquil and rhythmic, even if thoughts of bacon’s poor health reputation might inevitably bubble up.

Over the course of the video, which is the food equivalent of a crackling log video, three pounds of bacon gently cooks. Grease crackles as a hand occasionally lays down more bacon strips and moves them around slowly with a fork. Are you tired yet?

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