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When we launched the Atlas Obscura three and a half years ago, we thought we might run out of places one day. Little did we realize that not only is the world a much bigger, more magnificent, and endlessly stranger place than we could ever have imagined, we had no idea how many incredible places would be added by readers with insights and knowledge of places we had never even heard of.

Now we know — we can’t do it without you.

The Atlas Obscura is made of people - people like you, all over the world. Although our team here is busy finding, adding, and editing new places to the Atlas, we rely both on travelers who share their photos and discoveries of far flung locales, and locals adding favorite overlooked and amazing places near them.

If you have a place (or seven) in mind there are a few options:



If you have a place and are ready to share it with the Atlas, you can add it yourself by selecting “ADD A PLACE” from the upper right on the homepage. Here you can add all of the relevant details and upload photos (your own, or items in the public domain).

Everything that is published on Atlas Obscura passes under our editorial eyes.

We are here to help — we’ll edit grammar on your library entry, fact check your ghost story, and do our best to make sure the photos you added of a wunderkammer look their best.




Just have the barest of info? Traveled somewhere and have great photos you’d like to share, but don’t know all the details? That’s fine. You can share a tip with us by using the new “SEND A TIP” feature, found on the upper right of the navigation bar.


Do you have a LOT of ideas? A special area of expertise? We would love for you to be further involved with the Atlas by becoming a contributing writer. We work with writers from all around the world who share with us their love of a particular subject or part of the world.

You can let us know about your interests by filling out this form: WORK WITH US

For more details, or if you have questions for us, we invite you to get in touch with us at any time: