At long last, it seems one Pokégoer has finally caught them all. According to local news reports, David Quintana of Elche, Spain has nabbed all 145 of the currently available sought-after critters, filling up his Pokédex and inciting the envy of players worldwide.

The 21-year-old computer science student “spent the last 22 days (and nights) criss-crossing Elche on his bicycle chasing the virtual monsters,” barely sleeping and enlisting occasional help from his girlfriend, the Local reports. “He walked and cycled more than 100 km [62 miles] in pursuit.”

Although there are supposedly 151 Pokémon, six have thus far never been seen in the game, including Mew, Mewtwo, Ditto, and the three legendary birds.

Quintana has someone coming for him—literally. Two weeks ago, American Nick Johnson made headlines after allegedly catching all 142 Pokémon available in North America. (Johnson, too, pins his success on a whole lot of walking, though he did flag down an Uber to catch a rare Porygon.) Thanks to a sponsorship deal with Marriott, he is now heading to Europe, Japan, and Australia “to finish his collection.”

But Johnson was missing Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d, and Kangaskhan, all Pokémon exclusive to other regions. Although rumors are flying that all three of these rare dudes can be hatched from eggs in the US, Johnson doesn’t buy it: “I’ve talked to dozens and dozens of people who have hatched 100’s of eggs, and no one can hatch or catch them (in North America) as far as I know,” he told USA Today.

Quintana got all the region-specific Pokémon by hatching eggs in Spain. In an interview with Diario Información, he revealed that his last two catches were Alakazam and Charizard. When asked whether he would now, finally, rest, Quintana demurred. “I’m still a level 20 of a total of 40,” he said. “Less than half.” The quest to be the very best never ends.

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