Bigfoot has been spotted outside of the International Cryptozoology Museum’s new location in Portland, Maine. The lanky, wooden sasquatch was recently installed in its new home in preparation for the museum’s opening in July.

The brainchild of notable cryptid expert, Loren Coleman, the Cryptozoology Museum has been helping visitors understand the world of unknown creatures since its inception in 2003. Originally, the museum was held in a home Coleman had purchased specifically to display the artifacts and research he had been amassing since the 1960s, but eventually the center outgrew the small house and wound up in a more permanent storefront on Avon Street in Portland. Exhibits in the museum include explorations of everything from yetis to coelacanths to mothmen, presented with movie props, models, and anything else related to beasts of rumor and myth.

After years in their Avon Street location, the museum has had to once again move to a larger space to accommodate the ever growing collection, and provide parking for the growing number of visitors. While the new location isn’t scheduled to open until July, the museum’s very first resident, a wooden bigfoot, has just been installed out front. Much like a real life bigfoot might, the carved cryptid statue stands eight feet tall and weighs over 800 pounds, taking a team of six men just to get into place.

The bigfoot was chiseled out of a single log, giving it a skinny, lanky look. Coleman has named the creature, “Elwood,” possibly in reference to another lanky figure from fiction, Dan Aykroyd’s Elwood Blues.