Most of Iceland lives in the western part of the island, where Reykjavík is located, which means that when it comes to forecasting the weather, meteorologists tend to put most of their focus there. 

For a long time, east Icelanders have been resigned to their place in the weather hierarchy. But then Sigurður Jónsson, a television weatherman, began physically blocking viewers from seeing the other parts of the country. 

Annoyed east Icelanders retaliated with a Facebook page. That page is appropriately titled “Stop standing in the East dear meteorologists.” It has 224 members. 

“We should ask for a left-handed weather reporter on RÚV; or just use a pointer stick like the old days,” one viewer complained, according to the BBC

The Facebook group was apparently created in October, and since then has been developing a head of steam. A few days ago, one member posted Jónsson’s broadcaster RÚV’s response to the whole matter, which amounted to a plea for patience. 

“Hello, the problem is the foundation behind the card (green screen) is in the wrong proportions relative to broadcast. It’s been working to get a new screen that should fix this problem.”

Hang in there, east Iceland. You may yet get the weather information you deserve.