He found a bottle like this one, labeled morphine.
He found a bottle like this one, labeled morphine. Wellcome Collection/CC BY 4.0

Normally, when someone finds a random time capsule, it contains some charming reminders of what life was like in years past—a newspaper, some trinkets, perhaps a letter from the person who hid the capsule.

The content of a capsule found in Winthrop, Maine, were a little more edgy.

As the Kennebec Journal reports, Randy Hooper was digging a hole in his backyard to plant a blueberry bush when he found an 8 inch length of rusty pipe, sealed at the ends. Inside was a newspaper from October 2, 1955, which is exactly what you’d expect in time capsule.

But the other objects were more unusual. There was an old needle, syringes, a pestle for grinding, and a bottle of morphine.

Not exactly what you expect to find in a time capsule. Hooper told the Journal he was hoping to find a letter or picture. Instead, he had to report his find to the local police, who came and took the decades-old drug kit away.