You might be thinking at this very moment that you’ve reached a certain age and that you’ve, you know, seen things. Maybe you’re also thinking, perhaps a bit smugly, that you’ve seen everything

The above video is here to prove you wrong. 

Have you, for example, ever seen a dog fly a small plane in the shape of a figure eight? I’m going to gently propose that you probably haven’t. 

The dogs—rescue dogs, in fact—spent four months in flight simulators before taking to the skies, where video was shot to prove their piloting skills.

The dog trainer behind this wonder is from New Zealand and named Mark Vette. Vette was also responsible for a sibling endeavor you might have previously seen (or not): Dogs driving cars

Flying, of course, is a little more dangerous, but these dogs got it down. 

“Staying focused,” as the video’s narrator says mid-flight, “will be everything.”