Have you ever received something from one of your heroes?
Have you ever received something from one of your heroes? Photo Illustration: AÏDA AMER

In 1993, the superstar author of Jurassic Park and Sphere, Michael Crichton (or very possibly one of his assistants), sent me a signed photo and a handwritten note in response to a letter I had sent him. The black-and-white photo showed him standing in the shadow of a dinosaur, and it instantly became my most prized possession.

Another Atlas Obscura staffer wrote a letter to her teen crush, actor Robert Sean Leonard, who replied with a signed headshot of his own and a letter that explained how he was actually friends with all the other melancholy heartthrobs from Dead Poets Society. Have you had a similar exchange?

Today many people just tweet at their idols, but some still attempt a more meaningful interaction with a beloved writer, actor, scientist, musician, athlete, or other breed of luminary. And many fans still receive personalized emails, photos, handwritten letters, gifts, and other amazing artifacts from that correspondence. Now we want to hear about what you’ve received from your heroes, childhood or otherwise!

If you’ve ever gotten a beloved item or letter from one of your heroes, please tell us about it via the form below, and we will feature the best submissions in an upcoming article. We also want to see your special gifts, so please send pics or anything else to eric@atlasobscura.com. Please make your submissions by Friday, April 6.

If you have a story of your own childhood letter to share, head over to our new community forums and tell us about it!