The Dawney Arms, the village’s pub. (Photo: Google Maps)

The English village of West Heslerton probably was the site of an ancient settlement, but these days, it is modest: Forty-three homes, a 21-room mansion, a gas station, and a pub. It’s the home of 409 people according to the last count. 

It has also, for over 150 years, been owned by a single family. But five years ago, Eve Dawney, the most recent owner, died, calling the 2,116-acre village’s fate into question. 

Dawney did not specify a specific heir and, after five years of mulling it over, her family has decided to sell West Heslerton. The price? Twenty million pounds, or around $28 million. 

“She was very kind and the property rents are–and have always been–very low,” Tom Watson, the property’s real estate agent, tells the BBC. ”This has helped keep a vibrant village community with a mixed group of ages and there are obviously a lot of people hoping that somebody with a similar benevolent nature will come along to take over the estate.”

If you’re interested, you may have company. Watson told the BBC that the listing has sparked interest “far and wide.”