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Descend into the depths for dinner at the world's largest underwater restaurant. Sip global gins poured from a gilded tower. Stroll through a wild coffee forest or eat at the last Woolworth’s Lunch Counter. Choose your favorite flavor of food adventure and this global guide will lead you there.

Know of an amazing and unusual restaurant, bar, or food museum that’s missing from the database? You can add it! Suggestions from curious readers and travelers are what makes this collection so unique. To learn more about the kinds of places we publish, check out our Gastro Obscura FAQs.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Elliott Street Deli & Pub

For more than 15 years, this downtown dive bar has hosted fiery outdoor “iron pours.”
Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party

Proceeds from this colorful teahouse in a historic Atlanta neighborhood directly fund women’s education in northeast India.
Atlanta, Georgia

The Consulate

No passport is required to eat around the world at this elegant restaurant.
Seattle, Washington

Tai Tung

The city's oldest Chinese restaurant offers local history and seriously good food.
Union, Maine

Sweetgrass Winery

Grapes be damned, this distillery makes wine from apples, blueberries, cranberries, and more.