How We’re Adapting Atlas Obscura Trips to COVID-19

Updated: August 10, 2022

In response to COVID-19, we have worked with the experienced team of travel-safety advisors at Global Rescue. The result is the following guide, which outlines the ways we have adapted our trip operations to protect the health and safety of our travelers, staff, and the communities we visit. 

We are continually reassessing these guidelines and making adjustments as needed. We encourage any travelers with questions regarding our policies or an upcoming trip to contact us at

For information about our revised booking policies, vaccination, and testing requirements, among other details, please consult Traveling with Atlas Obscura During the Covid-19 Pandemic.


What Our Team Is Doing

Staying Informed

Our team of Program Managers and Guest Experience specialists are continually monitoring the latest in news and information about COVID-19, including its many variants. This includes reviewing local and international requirements and guidelines, health department responses, entry and exit requirements, and other policies or changes that might impact travel or your trip experience. We closely review local rules and regulations to ensure that we can continue to participate in our planned activities or similar. Should travel restrictions impact our ability to enter or exit a destination or follow our planned itinerary, we will do our best to keep booked guests informed.

Communicating with Travelers

Our team will share information on changes to destination rules, regulations, and trip operations. We work diligently to keep you informed about health and safety guidelines. Where appropriate and available, we will also direct you to third-party resources. With travel guidelines rapidly changing in different locales around the world, we encourage everyone to monitor your local guidelines and to reach out to our team directly with any questions.

When illness Happens

If at any point during a trip a traveler does not feel well or notices any sign of illness, our partners at Global Rescue are available to help. Our partnership with Global Rescue allows eligible guests to access remote assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Global Rescue can advise on necessary steps and precautions and can help arrange in-person local care at vetted medical facilities. Please consult pre-trip materials for more information. Certain restrictions apply.

What We Ask of Our Travelers

The overall safety and well-being of everyone involved in our trips will rely on the conscientious behavior of our travelers. We ask that all travelers join us in committing to responsible travel by actively doing their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements

For all trips departing October 1, 2021 or later, all guests will be required to be fully vaccinated by the departure date of your trip in order to participate. Accepted vaccines include all that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the European Medicines Agency. These vaccines include Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson/Jannsen.

COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Certain destinations require visitors to be both fully vaccinated AND have proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to arrival. This is true for some destinations even simply for transiting through a country or airport. Please click here to see the destination requirements for your particular trip if you are originating in the United States. If your travel originates from outside the United States, please refer to the appropriate embassy website for travel requirements. You’ll also want to check with your airline for the most up-to-date requirements at the time of travel. 

On-trip testing may be required in certain circumstances such as a local requirement or when a traveler, leader, or partner exhibits symptoms. Please see Traveling with Atlas Obscura During the Covid-19 Pandemic for more detailed information. 


Coming Prepared

We recommend that all travelers have the following items on hand when traveling:

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination, plus a photo or copy of this vaccination card 
  • Several face masks that cover your nose and mouth
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • A sense of adventure and flexibility. Traveling amid the changing conditions does not look or feel the same as it did before. That being said, the wonders and curiosities of the world await to inspire us as we reconnect through travel.  

Following On-Trip Protocols

  • Clean hands often 
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Stay in and keep separate from the group if feeling unwell
  • Communicate any questions or concerns to your trip leader(s)

After Travel

Travelers should follow local guidance upon return from the trip. We also ask that travelers inform us should they become ill with COVID-19 symptoms or receive a positive test result within two weeks of your trip’s end date so we can inform other travelers (without disclosing identity) and share resources with recommendations for appropriate action.


What Our On-Trip Staff Is Doing

In addition to following the above guidelines and supporting the on-trip experience of our travelers, our trip leaders are also doing the following: 

Carrying Extra Supplies

Should you lose a mask or leave your hand sanitizer in your hotel room, our leaders travel with an extra supply for the group. We recommend that you bring your own personal supply of masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, as well as anything else that will make you comfortable while traveling on a trip. Please consult the guidelines for your specific destination and airline(s), as requirements vary widely. 

Helping Facilitate Healthy Trips

Our leaders support healthy behaviors by reminding travelers of health and safety best practices and modeling safe behavior throughout the trip. While we cannot prevent COVID-19, we do our best to minimize the risk and to promote the best trip experience possible.

Adapting the On-Trip Experience

In addition to staying informed on best practices to stay healthy during the pandemic and being prepared to provide support to travelers, our trip leaders are actively adapting the on-the-ground experience to allow for physical distancing, frequent handwashing, and other precautions.