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Blowing Up the Largest Volcanic Eruption in U.S. History

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The morning of May 18, 1980, was like any other until Mount Saint Helens, a volcanic peak near Seattle, generated the most massive subaerial landslide recorded in history. The eruption that followed lasted for more than eight hours, sending ash around the globe, devastating the surrounding forests, and killing dozens of people. 

Join geologist and writer Ruby McConnell to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this event. She’ll tell the story of the most significant volcanic eruption in modern U.S. history, and the shocking and inspiring recovery of the surrounding land.

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Ruby McConnell
Ruby McConnell

Ruby McConnell is a writer, geologist, and environmental advocate whose work centers on the intersection of the landscape with human experience. Her newest book is Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of Life (Overcup Press, 2020).

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