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Tracking the Elusive Narwhal

1 hour
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Author Todd McLeish.
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What We’ll Do

Join author Todd McLeish in a multimedia presentation as he recounts his adventures studying the elusive narwhal, the rare Arctic whale with the spiral tusk that helped inspire the unicorn myth. He will take his audience high above the Arctic Circle with teams of narwhal researchers seeking to solve the mysteries of the animal’s migrations and debating the purpose of its tusk. He will also share insights about the importance of narwhals in Inuit culture and how the warming planet is affecting the species.  Along the way you’ll hear about the many other unique animals living in the narwhal’s melting world, from walruses and polar bears to bowhead and beluga whales.  

About Your Host
Todd McLeish
Todd McLeish

Todd McLeish is a Rhode Island-based author and science writer who has been writing about wildlife and environmental issues for more than 25 years.  In hundreds of magazine and website articles, he has highlighted dozens of threatened species, profiled biologists and wildlife artists, and addressed such issues as invasive species, marine pollutants, climate change, renewable energy and predator/prey relationships. He has published four books about rare wildlife, including, Narwhals: Arctic Whales in a Melting World and Return of the Sea OtterTodd is an expert birder, a popular leader of natural history walks, and a former world joggling champion (juggling while jogging).

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