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Carta di Musica

Bread so thin, you can read music through the dough.

The world is filled with different flatbreads, from naan to tortillas. One type, carta di musica, hails from the Italian island of Sardinia. The trick to perfect carta di musica is its preternatural thinness: It’s said that bakers roll it out until a sheet of music can be read through it. 

At least, that’s one theory for the name. The bread is crisp and cracker-like. So perhaps the bread itself reminds bakers of a piece of sheet music. Baked in large circles or sheets, carta di musica puffs up. Bakers slice through the puffed bread and return the two halves to the oven to become super crisp. Dried out like this, it can last for months, sometimes even up to a year. Its longevity means that it was once a favorite snack that Sardinian shepherds packed as they tended their flocks. Away from the sheep, it’s often eaten with cheese and alongside a glass of wine.

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