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Ice Cream Potato

In Idaho, even sundaes pay tribute to the state's beloved tuber.

It looks like a loaded baked potato, but it’s actually a cleverly disguised sundae.

Available at Boise’s Westside Drive In as well as most fairs and outdoor events in the capital city, the ice cream potato is a fun and unique dessert for scorching Idaho summers. Confectioners begin by forming vanilla ice cream into a potato shape, then coat it with cocoa powder to give the appearance of brown skin. Slicing into their fake baked tuber, they then load it up with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Though the chocolate version reigns supreme, some vendors might swap out the chocolate syrup and shavings for a bit of yellow frosting (“butter”) and a dash of green sprinkles (“chives”).

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