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İşkembe Çorbası

In Turkey, drinkers head off hangovers with creamy tripe soup.

After a long night hitting the rakı, Turkey’s party-goers know how to get ahead of a potentially uncomfortable morning. Like Ecuador’s guatita, the Turkish tripe-infused soup işkembe corbası is known for its stomach-settling properties and is a common offering wherever late-nighters are lurking.

İşkembe corbası is a fairly simple soup consisting of the cleaned, boiled stomach of a lamb or calf that’s thickened with flour, egg yolk, yogurt, and lemon juice. The pale bowl of işkembe corbası is a bit reminiscent of an oil-dappled congee or chowder, but like many a mild soup, it’s all about the customizing condiments. For those unconcerned with hangover halitosis, additives such as pure garlic juice and vinegar may be used with wild abandon to brighten up the mild and creamy concoction. Otherwise, feel free to stick to the pickles or piquant red pepper known as kirmizi biber.

Eaters seeking something on the heartier side can opt for tuzlama, a version of the soup featuring larger chunks of tripe. Though the odor of offal may be off-putting to tripe newcomers, in most late-night establishments the steaming vats of boiling innards are a welcome sign, and smell. Follow your nose and you too may become a corbası convert.

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