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Licor Valvanera

This herbal liqueur is produced by a Benedictine monastery in the Spanish wine region of La Rioja.

Travelers in Spain’s La Rioja region may find themselves in the company of good spirits. This wine region is well-known for its rolling hills and vineyards, surrounded by leafy forests and mountains. Expansive hiking trails and wildlife make this an ideal spot for nature lovers. But tucked in the mountains of La Rioja, the Benedictine monastery of Valvanera welcomes guests to another kind of rural experience.

Monks at Valvanera distill a house liqueur on-site, which is rarely sold outside the region. To prepare Licor Valvanera, they dry fresh herbs collected from the area, which include chamomile and juniper. Then, they use the combination of botanicals to produce an herbal liqueur in their own distillery that’s 36 percent alcohol by volume. Tasters describe the finished product as minty and medicinal. Local bakeries feature the liqueur in their pastries, but the monks drink it straight.

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