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Limburger Sandwich

The stinky, simple classic is still served at select Wisconsin taverns.

Limburger cheese gets a bad reputation in modern times due to its rather pungent aroma (ranging from a yeasty funk to bad body odor, depending on its age). But for many years, a sandwich based on the odorous cheese was a staple of working-class immigrants and their families throughout the United States Midwest, especially Wisconsin.

On rye bread, spread on or place a small piece of Limburger, and add a thick slice of onion, mustard, salt, and pepper. Serve with either lager or strong coffee. While Limburger cheese was popular before Prohibition, the cheese started to decline with the outlawing of the accompanying lager. Some restaurants in Wisconsin still have the sandwich available, and six-ounce bricks of the cheese can be found in some grocery stores.

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