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Mignon Chocolate Egg

Finns celebrate Easter with millions of real eggshells filled with almond-hazelnut nougat.

Should you stumble upon a Mignon Chocolate Egg, you may find yourself wondering what Finnish chickens eat. These real eggshells are filled with creamy nougat and play an integral part in the small Scandinavian nation’s Easter season. But on the outside, they’re practically indistinguishable from a hard-boiled egg.

Karl Fazer introduced the seasonal delight in 1896. His company now sells more than two million of the candy eggs each spring. Fazer employees hand-make each treat by cutting a small hole in the bottom of a real chicken egg and emptying its contents. They sterilize and fill the shells with hazelnut-almond nougat, reminiscent of a smooth, solid Nutella. Then, they seal up the hole with a mixture of sugar and pea protein that mimics the appearance of eggshell.

In a departure from Nutella—and more akin to an actual egg—Fazer’s nutty, chocolate-flavored delight is lactose-free.

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