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Moon Mist

The Nova Scotia ice cream flavor is so beloved, women dye their hair to match its pastel swirl.

Moon Mist can refer to many things: a flavor of Faygo soda, a Magic the Gathering card. But for Nova Scotians, Moon Mist is an eye-catching, mouthwatering blend of three distinct flavors of ice cream: grape, banana, and bubblegum. 

It’s an unusual combo, to say the least. One theory says that a flavor company shopped it around in the early 1980s, as Nova Scotian dairies started churning out the tricolored variety at roughly the same time. The result was a hit in Canada’s Atlantic provinces, where it’s the most popular flavor of ice cream. 

As for why it’s such a favorite, opinions vary. There’s the nostalgia factor, and its status as a regional specialty makes it a rare treat for Nova Scotians far from home. But much of the appeal lies in its vibrant colors: The purple, yellow, and blue of Moon Mist ice cream are as vivid as a summer day by the water. The vibrant shades are so out-of-this-world, that fashion-forward Moon Mist lovers are even dyeing their hair to reflect their ice cream.

Need to Know

Nova Scotia is the home of Moon Mist, but dairies outside of the province sometimes offer it, too.

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