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Morir Soñando

“To die dreaming” tastes like an orange creamsicle.

If a Dominican person asks if you want to die dreaming, don’t wax poetic—just say yes. Morir soñando, a morbidly-named summertime refresher (it literally means “to die dreaming”), has been called the official drink of summer in the Dominican Republic. The frothy, silky blend of orange juice, sugar, and evaporated milk over crushed ice is reminiscent of a drinkable creamsicle.

Made both by street vendors and by families at home, the thirst-quenching beverage is a common sight throughout the country. But not just anyone can put this drink together. Makers must time their mixing perfectly: One misstep and the ingredients will curdle. Even if you’re skeptical of orange juice and milk’s union, to die dreaming certainly beats dying of heat stroke.

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