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Patatje Oorlog

Atop every serving of Dutch “war fries,” a pile of spicy, savory condiments do battle.

As patatje is the Dutch nickname for fries and oorlog is the word for war, patatje oorlog literally translates to “war fries” or “war chips.” Should you dare to order a plate or cone-shaped cup of these warm, crispy wonders, the reason behind the name will become clear. The messy pile on top looks like a condiment battleground.

The base of the dish is, of course, sliced potatoes that have been deep-fried to perfection. Then come the array of toppings: layers of mayonnaise, peanut satay sauce, diced raw onions, and sometimes ketchup. The resulting blend of flavors is savory, salty, and spicy.

Don your armor, dive into the pile of warring flavors, and emerge the culinary hero. Your only alternative would be to just order plain fries, or frites, and to simply dream of the savory victory that could have been yours.

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k karbota