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Pink Pearl Apple

Take a bite out of this apple to reveal its pink interior.

A Pink Pearl apple, on first glance, may cause some confusion. The skin of the small apple, is, after all, yellow-green, not pink. But like the pearls this variety of apple is named for, the beauty is hidden inside. Only by cutting open or biting into a Pink Pearl is the rosy interior revealed: often light pink, but sometimes a deep red.

The Pink Pearl is one of several red-fleshed apples. Bred in 1944 by horticulturist Albert Etter, it’s descended from another shockingly red-interior apple, the appropriately named “Surprise.” Etter bred dozens of apples with pink-and-red interiors, but many of his cultivars have disappeared. Luckily, the Pink Pearl has persisted, grown by orchardists in love with its sweet-tart taste and its burst of color.

Need to Know

Pink Pearl apples are rare, and are usually available in late summer on the United States West Coast.

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