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The streets of Palermo are filled with the smell of succulent, sizzling lamb intestines.

On the streets of Palermo, skewered spirals sizzle atop grills, beckoning passersby with the aroma of fire-cooked meat. This is stigghiola, a Sicilian delicacy consisting of lamb or veal intestines. Since the offal’s juices will provide plenty of flavor, vendors known as stiggiholaros lightly season their offerings by stuffing them with chopped onions and parsley, or even winding the stringy organs around a spring onion.

Once the stigghiola becomes crispy, the vendor simply adds a bit of lemon juice, then cuts the long tubes into small discs. The resulting morsels should be the perfect blend of smoky and succulent.

Need to Know

Some versions use chicken or goat intestines, but you'll most likely find the lamb or calf varieties. 

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