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Sült Szalonna

In this Hungarian campfire treat, roasted pork fat coats slices of bread in decadent drippings.

Imagine it. Blocks of pure pork fat—no muscle, no skin, just the fat back of the hog—cut into cubes and melted over an open fire until they start dripping.

Such is the simple recipe for the beloved Hungarian campfire treat known as sült szalonna. Just grab a skewer, slide on the chunk of fat, and start roasting. As the cube sizzles and begins to drip, dangle the skewer over a slice of fresh bread and dribble the quickly liquifying fat over it. Then plunge the skewer back into the flames, and repeat the cycle over and over until the bread has been almost entirely saturated in hot fat.

When it’s ready, decorate your “greasy bread” with bits of red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, or, in classic Hungarian style, with paprika.

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