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Watermelon Skiing

Ever wanted to slide down a slippery tarp while wearing watermelons?

Much fun can be had with a shotski or a brewski, but oft overlooked is the watermelon ski. Worry not, for in Chinchilla, the “Melon Capital of Australia,” watermelon skis take center stage at the biennial Melon Festival.

Watermelon skiing takes place on a long tarp strewn with smashed melons. Festival-goers who want to try their luck gear up with a helmet before slipping each foot into a cut-out watermelon. Holding on to a thick rope, skiers struggle to maintain their balance while they are pulled across the slippery surface by volunteers. With most attempts ending in an early belly flop, the event is as messy as it is fun.

As the producer of about a quarter of Australia’s watermelons, Chinchilla is proud of this agriculture-honoring tradition. And even if watermelon skiing doesn’t get your juices flowing, the festival offers a number of other entertaining melon experiences, including a melon dash, a pip-spitting contest, and, of course, all the watermelon you can eat.

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