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25 Places Commemorating Women Who Were Ahead of Their Time

These career ladies hammered cracks into the glass ceiling.

Throughout history, women were referred to as the “fairer sex,” praised for being genteel and emotional, but unfortunately all too often considered incapable of the physical or mental prowess required to be industrialists or scientists. Of course, there were women who did work in these historically male-dominated roles, either out of necessity or simply because they wanted to. Some of them received support from their communities, but many others were harshly ostracized for their unusual behavior.

Today, many of these female mavericks are remembered as trailblazers, leaving behind evidence of their pioneering work in cowgirl ranches, prophetesses’ temples, hospital laboratories, and architectural marvels. Luckily, we can visit these places today to remember the women who challenged the notion of what the “fairer sex” could do.