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7 of Oregon's Most Magical Places

Explore Oregon's seven regions through some of its most enchanting sites.

Every once in a while, you’ll see a landscape in a photograph that’s so breathtaking, it makes you squint. Can it possibly be real? In Oregon, there are more places like this than you can imagine.

But the unofficial home of Sasquatch isn’t just known for its pretty vistas. The state’s seven regions offer myriad wonders that range from eerie to enchanting to just plain delightful.

In Central Oregon, traverse a 6,000 year-old lava flow and examine the casts of trees it left behind, frozen in time. The Treehouse Resort in southern Oregon offers guest the opportunity to spend the night in towering trees, face-to-face with the stars. And in Willamette Valley, behold the Spruce Goose: a failed attempt at aviation alchemy by one of history’s greatest dreamers, Howard Hughes.

This spring, take advantage of Oregon’s fine weather and head outdoors to experience the magic yourself.