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9 Places to Enjoy The Bloom

Welcome in the spring season at these flowering hotspots.

For those living in the northern hemisphere, the sight of spring rounding the corner is a welcome reprieve from the chilly grasp of winter. And one of the first signs of the changing seasons is the blooming of cherry blossom trees in countries across the hemisphere. Also known as Japanese cherry or sakura trees, their radiant, pink petals come to life from late March through the month of April. They are the centerpiece of festivals and events from Washington D.C to the town of Kawazu.  

In the Kyoto Botanical Garden in Japan, there are around 12,000 plant species. Among the collection are 500 cherry blossom trees that light up the garden every spring. In Bonn, Germany, a tunnel of pink flowers cascades over a city street. These cherry blossom trees have been a staple of the old town area of Bonn since the 1980s. From a tree gifted by the man known as “Public Enemy No.1” to one of the best locations in the nation’s capitol to see gorgeous cherry blossoms, here are our favorite places to enjoy the bloom.