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Off-Centered Ale Trail: Chicago

Summer adventures along the lakefront from Atlas Obscura and Dogfish Head Brewery.

The first stop on our Chicago Ale Trail is Beer Baron Row, a section of Wicker Park where the titans of the old brewing industry built elaborate homes. Through the turn of the century, Chicago had a booming beer business, fueled largely by German immigrants, several of whom made significant fortunes. Although beermaking declined following Prohibition, there’s still much to see.

Most of these spots, however, were chosen with specific beers in mind. The lakefront mermaid that was carved in secret by a guerilla artist reminded us of Dogfish Head Brewery’s SeaQuench Ale. We saw Flesh & Blood IPA in the countless curios filling the shelves of Woolly Mammoth’s Antiques and Oddities, including everything from bones and skulls to vintage medical equipment. And 60 Minute IPA? For that, we’re heading to Washington Park’s “Time,” an epic sculpture that shows moments from each stage of human life.  

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