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The Wonders of Florida in 24 Museums

The Sunshine State quietly boasts a world of unexpected museums.

With all the non-stop outdoor fun that Florida has to offer, you might think the indoors were just for air conditioning. But with so many top-ranking research facilities, one-of-a-kind industries, and unique local histories found across the Sunshine State, Florida’s museums can hardly be written off. 

Whatever curries your interest, there’s likely a Florida museum for it. Fascinated by pirates, planes, or trains? There are museums for those. Deep-sea diving, ocean exploration, or treasure-hunting? Museums for those, too. Indeed, there seems to be nothing too niche for the museums across this great state. Vintage candy, circus artifacts, sea sponges, the elusive skunk ape, and very understandably, oranges, all have dedicated museums here. 

Soak up the sun, witness the magical wildlife, but don’t forget—Florida’s got a whole other world waiting to be explored inside these amazing museums.

It’s easy to see that the best part about a family vacation in Florida is, well, everything.  Explore more.