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25 Places to Really Bug Out

In honor of the cicadas of Brood X, get close to some arthropods.

As the orchestra of Brood X cicadas slowly overtakes the nightly airwaves and ghostly exoskeletons cling to tree trunks, we are reminded of just how wondrous, bizarre, and compelling the insect kingdom can be.

Sure, cicadas get a lot of attention when they emerge from their years underground, but it’s maybe not too much to say that we live in a insect’s world more or less all the time.

Various museums across the globe play host to collections that offer glimpses of insect specimens rarely seen in the wild. Botanical gardens, atriums, and even a former beachfront community are sanctuaries for other species that allow for more intimate visits while highlighting their importance. And some places just naturally have amazing insect displays at various times of year. Here are 25 places to get closer to a bug’s life.