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12 Places to Enjoy a Retro Movie Experience

Stepping into these classic theaters is like a blast from the past.

There was once a time when a trip to the movie theater was a grand occasion, where massive marquees in fluorescent fashion once highlighted the daily showings. Many were also wonders of engineering genius, where Art Nouveau and Art Deco design elements made visitors feel as though they were stepping into a cathedral of film. Although many of these titans have been replaced with modern multiplexes, there are still a few theaters where you can catch a film in classic style.

Located along Route 66 in Miami, Oklahoma, the Coleman Theatre opened in 1929 and features a massive pipe organ that still belts out scores for the theatre’s collection of silent films. Across the country in Richmond, Virginia, much has changed over the years but the Byrd Theatre has remained the same. The Art-Deco theatre has continuously operated since the 1920s and is open 365 days a year showing a variety of films. From a theatre in the woods with a rare projection system to the oldest purpose-built cinema in the world, here are 12 movie theatres to visit for a blast from the past.