Playing With Light and Perspective With One of Our Top Photo Contributors - Atlas Obscura Lists

Playing With Light and Perspective With One of Our Top Photo Contributors

Patience pays off.

Atlas Obscura would not be possible without the dedicated work of our community, who help us add more wondrous places to the site every day—and improve the ones we already have. A big part of this community is a dedicated group of intrepid photographers who venture to wondrous locations and give us breathtaking images that bring our collection of places to life. We want to give a few of our most dedicated photographers a chance to share some of their favorite shots and the stories behind them.

Jeremy Dunn, who goes by the user name Jeremy D, joined Altas Obscura in 2020. Dunn has since added hundreds of stunning images to our existing places, making the Atlas shine brighter, and has even added a few original places of his own—he tops the leaderboard in places added in Uruguay. 

“I’ve worked in media and broadcasting most of my life. Finding interesting ways to share information and ideas has always appealed to my creative side,” says Dunn, who often uses drones to capture breathtaking images, some of which can be found on his Instagram. “Photography and videography has been a big part of that process. My favorite projects are documentaries because they often require extensive research to find the real story.”

“I also love to travel and explore off-beat places. Often I’ll just stumble upon something, not knowing the history,” he says. “In researching some of these places after the fact, one website kept popping up in my search results: Atlas Obscura. It seemed like a natural place to share some of the interesting places I visit.” 

Here are a few of his favorites, and how he grabbed unique perspectives and great light.