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10 Places That Will Take You to Potato Paradise

Take a global tuber tour.

The potato, humble as it is, has needed only a few hundred years to become a staple worldwide. Originating in Peru, its greatest attribute is perhaps that it can transform to suit any palate. Whether it’s crisp Belgian frites, gooey French aligot, or the neatly stacked layers of Peruvian causa, potato dishes hold a comforting place in the hearts and stomachs of diners worldwide. So it’s no surprise that there’s a global network of monuments and museums that celebrate the tater.

You can spend the night in a spud-shaped cabin in Idaho, and pay your respects at the grave of the man who popularized potatoes in Europe. Or go back to the source, and admire a glorious rainbow of colors created by the 1,300 varieties grown at a Peruvian agricultural museum. Here are 10 spots to engage in tuber tourism. 

Editor’s note: Visit each location’s website or social media to get the latest information on openings and closures. If you do choose to venture out, please follow all guidelines, maintain social distance, and wear a mask.