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11 Places to See Real Hearts

Hearts stand still for eternity at these memorials.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, planning that perfect date often comes to mind. And while dinner dates are all very well and good, and why not let hearts collide while visiting real-life hearts? Across the globe, in tombs and churches, are the hearts of saints and others who will never be forgotten. 

A small, shriveling heart resides in a crypt located in the bowels of the Basilica of Saint-Denis. Not far from Paris in Saint-Denis, France, behind a crystal case is the heart of Louis XVII, son of the infamous Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Another location close to the hearts of many can be found in Melrose, Scotland. A circular marker is home to the well-traveled heart of Robert the Bruce, a national hero. From the remains of a famous composer to the heart of a legendary explorer, here are our favorite locations to visit hearts on Valentine’s Day.