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Off-Centered Ale Trail: St. Louis

Six curious places in St. Louis from Atlas Obscura and Dogfish Head Brewery.

In service of exploration and in celebration of Dogfish Head Brewery’s new canned beers, we here at Atlas Obscura have collected six curious places in St. Louis to spend a summer’s day. (Feel free to bring a friend, Missouri loves company!)

The Flesh & Blood IPA-inspired spot on our St. Louis list is Laclede’s Landing, a kitschy wax museum complete with a true Chamber of Horrors in the basement. All manner of bloody, dismembered figures and animatronics await (and for the faint of heart, there are standard, unmangled wax replicas upstairs). SeaQuench Ale enthusiasts can spend the afternoon with the mischievous biking fish sculpture at Lewis Park Pond. And for 60 Minute IPA, we’ve included St. Louis’ lesser-known arch, the Whispering Arch at Union Station, where you can while away time while waiting for a train that won’t come.

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