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12 Swimming Pools Where You can Beat the Heat

From the deepest indoor pool in the world to a pool at the base of a Finnish ski jump.

On a blisteringly hot day, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as plunging into the cool waters of a swimming pool. While few people would turn their noses up at a dip in a local public pool, the world is filled with especially wondrous pools. Some have a rich history or impressive architecture, while others are feats of engineering—and all of them are begging to be explored once temperatures rise.

From May to mid-September, the waters of the longest saltwater swimming pool in North America are open to swimmers in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Kitsilano Pool is located along English Bay and it measures almost the size of three Olympic swimming pools. Across the world on a grassy hillside in Skogar, Iceland, Seljavallalaug is believed to be the oldest pool in the country. From an Art Deco masterpiece to the largest swimming pool in the world, here are 12 swimming pools worth diving into.