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A Guide to the World's Most Wondrous Vegetarian Eateries

No meat? Never a problem.

Vegetarianism is an ancient practice that somehow continues to get classified as new and edgy in Western cultures. Long before Haus Hiltl, now the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the West, was even a twinkle in the eyes of its founders, Buddhist, Hindu, and Sikh places of worship were churning out enough meatless meals to feed entire armies, often for free. And beyond Beyond Meat, East Asian cooks have been making meat substitutes for millennia

But despite these long-standing traditions, many travelers struggle to find delicious plant-based food while on the road. This list is a guide to exploring meatless cuisine across the world, with many venues featuring long histories and unique specialties.

A note before you go: Many of these eateries are located in places of worship, some providing free food as an element of religious practice. Be respectful, mind your manners, and consider leaving a donation in return for your delicious meal.