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The 11 Bridges of Wayne

To get to or from this Canadian ghost town, you'll need to cross 11 single-lane bridges. 


Often times when visiting Drumheller in Alberta, tourists and travelers will stick to the more recognized attractions such as the Royal Tyrrell Museum or the World’s Largest Dinosaur… but one thing that always sparks curiosity is the Town of Wayne located just a short few minutes outside the prehistoric dino-filled town. In order to get to Wayne, you need to cross 11 bridges.

All of those bridges are located in a short stretch between Wayne and the main highway—about six kilometers (3.7 miles). They span the Rosebud River, which winds back and forth through the landscape. Each is marked with a painted number that identifies which of the 11 bridges it is.

At one time Wayne was a thriving coal mining town of about 3,000 people but when the coal industry crashed in the 1930s, Wayne was reduced to nothing more than a few souls. As of March 2022, the town of Wayne has a population of just 25 people. This gives it “Ghost Town” status. Today, Wayne is known more for its haunted aspect as well as being the location of the famous Last Chance Saloon and Rosedeer Hotel.

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